Why Use CloseBot Over ChatGPT

With all this news surrounding Artificial Intelligence and chat bots, why should you consider using CloseBot over just relying on ChatGPT or other tools?  I'm sure you've seen an explosion of products and services and at the surface, they all seem similar, but let's look at what makes CloseBot unique.

What's Different Between CloseBot and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model made by OpenAI that is quite amazing. If you haven't tried it out already, you should! You can use ChatGPT as a tool to help you decide what to write in certain scenarios, including text message conversations. To do this you would type the conversation history into your text box on ChatGPT and ask it what to respond with next.

At the core, this is how CloseBot works. It even uses ChatGPT. So why would you want to use CloseBot instead of going straight to the source? Two reasons:

1)  ChatGPT is a web interface. It won't plug into your existing systems and reply for you automatically
2)  ChatGPT has an API if you wanted to use something like Zapier to tie it in, but it doesn't track conversation history for you, so you would need a separate spreadsheet or database to track conversation history and feed it back to ChatGPT each time

How CloseBot Works

CloseBot is built on top of the newest language models produced by OpenAI.  It integrates into your existing systems via an API endpoint to determine the next best response in your conversations.  If you send it a message, it saves the message to memory, pulls up the conversation history in memory for that customer, and uses your account settings to determine an appropriate response.  This API can be plugged into your existing systems to handle auto-response of text messages, email, Facebook and Instagram messages, and anything else you can interact with via API.

There are other built in options you can use to auto-shut off the bot if the customer appears to become aggressive, or auto-shut off if the bot has decided it has completed its job according to the goals you set for it.

What's the Cost Compared to ChatGPT?

Tying ChatGPT into something requires a developer account and isn't free. If you did want to do a custom buildout using the ChatGPT API, the cost for you will be approximately $0.02/ 750 words for the more powerful Davinci model or $0.002/ 750 words for the weaker Turbo model. This seems pretty cheap on the surface. However, you have to remember the 750 words includes the instructions and previous conversation history you feed to it and the length of the output. On average, our users are doing about 1,000 words per request. This comes to a cost of $0.027/ message for Davinci (which we charge $0.03/ message to use)

We actively monitor our per message costs and look for ways to save money. We optimize our logic and internal prompts to make this as cheap as possible and pass that savings on to you! That monthly cost you pay gets you the additional logic, a system that saves your message history and sends it with each customer request, a portal to easily test your bots, and support.